Flow at Harvard Square

Telling the story of Harvard Square, a triangular plaza at the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard Square is where flow of all kinds intermingle - the flow of 8 million visitors, music, art, history, culture, and ideas. Narrated by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a positive psychologist who defines "flow" as a phenomenon wherein a person feels immersed in an activity with focus and passion.
We tried to capture the story of Harvard Square by filming many spaces possible: tourist kiosk, T station, skateboarders stunting, traffic lights counting down, and many more.
My favorite was when we headed to the top floor of Holyoke Center and got a nice view (167 feet above ground) of the Harvard Square.
A GoPro attached to the glass for time lapse shot.
Risky shot using the weight of bag to secure the camera in place.
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